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                      Welcome to ZINDA  
                      A Division of Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.  
                    ZINDA is a newly formed division of Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.
                    Mr. M. Postel, is the Founder President of this futuristic division.
                    The prime objective of Zinda is to address the Wellbeing of Women and Health of Children.
                    It's dedicated research and continued R&D will also provide specialised drugs to Gynaecologists, Paediatricians and Dermatologists.
                    FIPPL has always been a leader and a pioneer in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
                    Zinda, will closely follow the philosophy of FIPPL of being Modest and Qualitative.
                    "Small is Beautiful", is the central concept of this division, which will help maintain quality at all levels, be it manufacture of drugs or interfacing with people.
                    Celebration of Life is the motivating force of Zinda where Birth of new life and Motherhood are the rejoicing factors.
                    Zinda equally shares the Celebrations with everyone associated with it.
                    The symbol of Zinda is a Crest made of Platinum Galaxy on which Logotype Z is embossed in the centre. This icon represents the core ideals which are Protection, Purity, Safety, Sincerity, Truth, Honor and Strength.
                      Product Portfolio
                      GRILINCTUS? - LS Syrup
                      DEXORANGE CAPSULE
                      RELAXYL OINTMENT
                      FIBRINIL MF
                      OMILCAL FORTE
                      GRILINCTUS SYRUP
                      SURFAZ SN
                      SURFAZ O
                      MONLEVO JUNIOR
                      DEXORANGE PEADIATRIC SYRUP
                      OMILCAL SUSPENSION
                      GRILINCTUS® DX Syrup
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