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                      The Management Team        
                    The Management Team at FIPPL works on the principle of integrity, excellence and respect for people. Each one acts as a steward of the Company's culture and reputation.
                    Mr. Michel Postel - President
                    Founder President Mr. M. Postel, a French National with Graduation in Pharmacology & Medicine from Ecole Superieure de Commerce, now known as Sup de Com, of Paris established this pharmaceutical company in the year 1949, which has now grown into a dynamic conglomerate.
                    Managing Director
                    Mr. Pascal Postel
                    Executive Director
                    Mr. L. B. Yadav
                    Dr. J. P. Mehta
                    Mr. D. R. Sinha
                    Mr. Michel Postel Mr. Pascal Postel
                    Founder Managing Director
                    Mr. L. B. Yadav
                    Executive Director
                    Dr. J. P. Mehta Mr. D. R. Sinha
                    Director Director
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